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Suicide Squad director expresses regrets over the film

A thoughtful look at what he would change

Jared Leto Suicide Squad Warner Bros. Pictures

Suicide Squad made a whole lot of money at the box office while disappointing a whole lot of people. A fan recently tweeted in support of the movie, which inspired director David Ayer to post a lengthy, thoughtful and candid look at what he regrets about how it all turned out.

“I know it’s a controversial film, I really tried to make something different, with a look and a voice of its own,” he wrote.

“If you set out to make a mass appeal movie, it’s easy to end up with vanilla,” Ayer continued. “But I went for it. And I know Suicide Squad has flaws, Hell, the World knows it. Nothing hurts more than to pick up a newspaper and see a copy years of your blood, sweat and tears ripped to shreds. The hate game is strong out there.”

He notes that the movie was a success financially and introduced fans to some “very cool” characters, while also noting he would do a lot of things differently if he could go back in time.

“Wish I had a time machine,” Ayer wrote. “I’d make Joker the main villain and engineer a more grounded story. I have to take the good and bad and learn from it ... I have to give the characters the stories and plots they deserve next time. Real talk. (And no, there isn’t a secret edit of the film with a bunch of Joker scenes hidden in a salt mine somewhere.)”

You can read the entire message below.

Jared Leto himself has in the past expressed frustration over how many of his scenes as the Joker were cut.

“Were there any that didn’t get cut?” he said to IGN. “I’m asking you, were there any that didn’t get cut? There were so many scenes that got cut from the movie, I couldn’t even start. If I die anytime soon, it’s probably likely that it’ll surface somewhere. That’s the good news about the death of an actor is all that stuff seems to come out.”

Suicide Squad was ultimately given an extended edit when it was released to home video but, despite what some writers predicted, an R-rated theatrical cut never surfaced.

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