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The Neko Atsume live-action movie trailer could probably use more cats

Is it too late to be nominated for an Oscar?

The teaser trailer for the live-action Neko Atsume movie promises an abundance of cats and awkward interactions.

The trailer, which can be seen above, is in Japanese, but it’s not too difficult to understand the gist of what’s going on. A young man named Katsu Sakumoto (played by Atsushi Itô) is recruited to take care of a local house where dozens of cats come by to hang out. During his time at the residence, he meets a girl who possibly works at a local pet store and whom he has numerous awkward encounters with.

Neko Atsume is a free-to-play Japanese game about collecting cats that saw incredible success in 2015. In November 2016, Japanese games website Game Jouhou first reported the game was being turned into a live-action movie, called House of Neko Atsume. It was confirmed at the time that there was already a director, screenwriter and actor attached to the project.

It’s only 30 seconds of footage, but the House of Neko Atsume trailer hits all the right points for a Neko Atsume movie. Mainly, of course, the number of strange and adorable cats that litter the screen at any given moment.

House of Neko Atsume is slated to be released in Japan on April 8, but there’s currently no word on whether the film will be released stateside.

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