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Final Fantasy 15 celebrates its greatest mammalian mascots, starting today

The Moogle Chocobo Carnival begins

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A new event is kicking off in Final Fantasy 15 later today: the Moogle Chocobo Carnival, a monthlong attraction that’s free for all players to check out. The lighthearted affair adds new side quests, outfits and various festive minigames for Prince Noctis to check out from Jan. 23 until Feb. 20.

The Carnival begins at 8 p.m. ET on Jan. 23, and those who downloaded their free passport will be able to enter. This item is included with the Final Fantasy 15 holiday-themed downloadable content pack, which Square Enix released in December.

The trailer above shows why fans on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One should hurry up and grab the free DLC set already, if they haven’t done so. That new outfit for Noctis? It’s pretty dang cute:

That’s a great look for you, Prince Noctis.
Square Enix

There are also plenty of people in chocobo costumes roaming around the city of Altissia in honor of the event, plus some delectable treats shaped like the cuddly creatures.

Minigames include some target practice, chocobo races, fishing contests and plenty of opportunities to pose with some human-sized versions of the Final Fantasy faves.

The holiday DLC and included carnival passport are still available to download for free from the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Marketplace. Owners of the Final Fantasy 15 season pass already have access to a premium version of the set.

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