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Why Samsung’s Note 7 exploded, in one graphic

Bad case design, bad batteries

Gear VR

When Samsung rolled out the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone last August it was touted as the best way to experience the company’s Oculus Gear VR headset. Unfortunately, it was also the best way to experience a phone exploding.

This week, Samsung detailed what it says caused the defect in both the original model and the replacement. The company also detailed new plans to prevent any future issues with its phones.

The original phone’s issues were caused by a design that was essentially too small for the battery. (Samsung contacted us to say that the issue with the original phone was solely its battery.) The replacement’s issues were caused by poorly constructed batteries, according to the report.

The details of the issues are best explained in the graphic created by Samsung, below.

The Galaxy Note 7 looked like it had the potential to be an iPhone killer when it first hit, receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews. But after a number of incidents with the highly regarded, yet volatile phone, led to the phone overheating and either catching on fire or exploding, Samsung recalled the phone on Sept. 12. A month later, after releasing a fixed model of the phone, the incidents persisted, and the company recalled the second wave and killed off the Galaxy Note 7 all together. At the time, Samsung promised it was get to the bottom of what caused the issues and ensure it would never happen again.

During its press conference this week, Samsung also detailed a new eight-point battery safety check it would be using to prevent similar issues from happening.

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