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Resident Evil 7’s first DLC adds new mode next week

Are you brave enough to watch some “Banned Footage?”

Resident Evil 7 biohazard is now available, and Capcom celebrated the hotly anticipated horror game’s launch by announcing details about its upcoming downloadable content. Two packs of DLC will arrive beginning Jan. 31, and they’ll add new modes to play, as well as some new — and terrifying — playable episodes.

Banned Footage Vol. 1 will hit PlayStation 4 first on Jan. 31, according to the Capcom Unity blog; it will then come to Windows PC and Xbox One on Feb. 21. Included in the $9.99 set are two new pieces of videotape, which contain scenes that players actually interact with throughout Resident Evil 7, not just watch. These are “Bedroom” and “Nightmare,” which players should expect to be pretty dang horrifying.

Also scary: a mode called “Ethan Must Die,” which is not compatible with PlayStation VR, unlike the rest of the game. Capcom describes this mode as “tough-as-nails” and unrelated to Resident Evil 7’s main campaign.

Another new mode will be included in the second volume of Banned Footage, too. That launches on PlayStation 4 on Feb. 14, before coming to other platforms Feb. 21. The new mode this time will go the other direction on the horror meter, Capcom says. Called “Jack’s 55th Birthday,” it’s “comical extra game mode” in which players must give the titular character a ton of food in a set amount of time.

The other two pieces of content in this $14.99 DLC set, “21” and “Daughters,” are tapes focused on the Baker family. Again, expect some serious frights.

All of this content is included in the game’s season pass, which costs $29.99. The season pass content will also come to include an added story episode, which Capcom has not yet detailed.

Resident Evil 7 is available now on PS4, Windows PC and Xbox One; you can check out its launch trailer above. We really, really dug our time with the game, which you can read more about in our review.

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