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Pikachu finally gets a Nintendo 3DS design worthy of its cuteness

This Pokémon New Nintendo 3DS XL is way less embarrassing than Pikachu’s last one


There’s a Pikachu-themed New Nintendo 3DS XL going on sale $199.99 starting Feb. 24, right around Pokémon’s 21st birthday. The adorable yellow handheld may be the cutest 3DS system that the series’ mascot has ever adorned — which is, admittedly, a pretty low bar.

The Pikachu Yellow Edition New Nintendo 3DS XL.

The last time we saw Pikachu on the face of a Nintendo 3DS system, it was 2013. The character was featured on a limited edition Nintendo 3DS XL system, which was yellow and white. Pikachu’s big, happy mug and squeeze-ready stance was on the 3DS XL’s front, while its tail dangled over the hinge and settled on the back of the system. At first blush, it was a cute design.

Looking at it more closely, however, Pokémon fans noticed something ... odd about how Pikachu was positioned on the 3DS.

The cameras on the 3DS XL sit right near the center of Pikachu’s chest, which many people immediately mistook for a body part that the Pokémon does not normally have.

Pikachu fans still appreciated being able to show their love for the character proudly, but those cameras were definitely unsightly on Pikachu’s chest.

Thankfully, Pikachu’s special New Nintendo 3DS XL system doesn’t have this problem. Pikachu’s whole body is instead found on the top cover, and its arms are crossed over its chest in a modest fashion.

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