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Dying grunts in John Wick replaced with Michael Jackson vocals make it way better

One of the best technical memes yet

John Wick is a pretty perfect movie. That’s not a subjective opinion, it’s just fact.

It’s hard to think of anything that would make it better, but YouTube user Dean Wyatt has found a way to do just that. In a new video Wyatt uploaded to the site today, the grunts that masked goons make when they’re shot by Wick have been replaced with Michael Jackson’s high-pitched vocals.

As the enemies go down, Jackson’s voice slides in. The result is one of the funniest types of these videos, which have been dubbed technical memes. The video takes place during one of the first scenes in the movie, after masked gunmen break into Wick’s house and he’s forced to take care of them.

According to Wyatt, the idea came to him while working on another project.

“I was working on a completely separate project to do with The Weeknd and whilst I was sourcing Michael Jackson grunts (don't ask) this idea came straight to me,” Wyatt wrote on YouTube. “Originally I was going to just replace the gunshots but the grunts went too well with everything.“

John Wick: Chapter 2, the sequel which takes place not too long after the events of the first film, will be released in theaters on Feb. 10. It will probably not feature the same amount of Michael Jackson, unfortunately.

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