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Obsidian announces Pillars of Eternity 2

Deadfire will pick up where the first game left off

Charlie Hall is Polygon’s tabletop editor. In 10-plus years as a journalist & photographer, he has covered simulation, strategy, and spacefaring games, as well as public policy.

The team at Obsidian Entertainment is going back to the well, announcing Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire as a high-profile, equity crowdfunding effort through Fig. The campaign goes live today, and is seeking at least $1.1 million, with $2.25 million open for equity.

The original Pillars of Eternity began as a Kickstarter campaign called Project Eternity, which raised nearly $4 million in October of 2012. The isometric role-playing game promised to be the spiritual successor of classic games like Baldur’s Gate, Icewind Dale, and Planescape: Torment. The final product was well received by fans and critics alike, and featured a pausable, real-time combat system and multiple branching story paths with over 80 hours of gameplay, not including downloadable content.

Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire promises to pick up where that game left off. A direct sequal, it promises to take the statue of Caed Nua, previously conceived as an elaborate sidequest funded in large part by Kickstarter backers, and turn it into the centerpiece of the entire game.

Obsidian Entertainment

Early in-game art from Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire.

"Eothas ... the god of light and rebirth was thought dead, but he now inhabits the stone titan that sat buried under your keep, Caed Nua, for millennia," reads a press release. "Ripping his way out of the ground, he destroys your stronghold and leaves you at the brink of death. To save your soul, you must track down the wayward god and demand answers — answers which could throw mortals and the gods themselves into chaos."

The campaign promises players the ability to travel by both land and sea, where they’ll encounter new cultures and environments. Non-player characters will keep their own schedule, which will lead to dynamic quests. Some old party members will even return.

Obsidian Entertainment

Concept art for Pellegina, one of several potential party members in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire.

Obsidian even alludes to the fact that players may be able to carry over their save files from the original game to "continue the story you began as the Watcher of Caed Nua ... and see how your decisions and actions in the Dyrwood persist in Deadfire."

The Fig campaign will feature traditional, rewards-based crowdfunding as well as equity investment for non-accredited, non-high-net-worth individuals. The terms of the investment opportunity will be available on the campaign page when it goes live. For more on Fig, see our StoryStream.