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Mass Effect: Andromeda’s latest cinematic trailer introduces the villain

Learn about the story, but not the game

Bioware and EA have released a cinematic trailer for Mass Effect: Andromeda today and, while it didn’t show any new gameplay, we did get a sense for the game’s story and a good look at its antagonist.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is set 600 years after the events of the first three games, and follows two siblings who are Pathfinders, human beings that travel the stars to find new planets to colonize. The player chooses to play as either the brother or the sister, and whoever you don’t choose as your avatar will still exist in the game as a character in the story.

Players have been a little bit concerned about the character system after the last gameplay trailer, however. We also know that the sex in space is going to be “very good,” which is a relief.

Mass Effect: Andromeda will be released on the PlayStation 4, Windows PCs and Xbox One on March 17 of this year.

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