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Meet the Mass Effect: Andromeda crew in latest briefing

Get ready to explore a new galaxy

We were already given a cinematic trailer for the upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda, but another video released today introduces the crew of the Hyperion, your ark in the game. Your mission is to travel far into the new galaxy to try to find new worlds that can support human life.

We see the Ryder siblings and their father, who leads the mission. The transplants that link each character to the ship’s AI may also give some more hints about how the new character system will work.

While previous games in the Mass Effect series had everyone playing as Commander Shepard, Andromeda is going to take a different approach.

"When we started the Mass Effect trilogy, there was this idea of it being very cinematic and movie-like," creative director Mac Walters told Polygon at E3 last year. "So having a singular, titular hero that people recognized, and they had the same name and the same gender and everything like that, the same look — that was important at the time.

"I think that's something we've moved away from, and we want to embrace choice and diversity with what you can do in the game, I think you can expect to see more of that in the game as we go forward. It's less about saying, here is a named character who you will play, and more this is the role that you can play and this is the way you can play it in."

These aren’t all the characters who will ultimately be in your party, as you’ll add others as the story progresses; this is just the crew of the ship in the beginning of the story.

Mass Effect: Andromeda will be released on the PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One on March 17 of this year.

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