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Pokémon Bank’s Mew glitch ban cracked by Sun and Moon players

You can get your “illegal” Mew into the new games, but it’ll take a while

The Pokémon Company

A compatibility update for Pokémon Bank, the Nintendo 3DS storage app, finally made the software usable in Pokémon Sun and Moon this week. Just days after the update went live, however, users have already figured out a way to circumvent Pokémon Bank’s ban on one popular, hard-to-obtain legendary.

Although Pokémon Bank users get a special item for Mew, one of the rarest Pokémon, it’s almost impossible to capture the monster through official methods. Instead, many who play the Virtual Console versions of Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow have used a glitch to get Mew into their collections. A video explaining how that works is below.

But Pokémon Bank won’t allow players to move over Mew obtained through this glitch into Sun and Moon — unless they use this extremely complex method, which is now making the rounds online.

Reddit users TransgenderPride and Crystal__ wrote up step-by-step guides to bringing a Mew from the Virtual Console versions of Red and Blue specifically over to Sun and Moon. It involves an arbitrary code execution that manipulates an unofficial Mew so that it appears to be one accepted by Pokemon Bank. To perform the code, players need to generate a glitch item called 8F, which sounds like a very, very tedious process. A video below streamlines all eight steps, which also work for getting any glitch item in Red and Blue.

After that’s done and the player now has the 8F item, they need to set up their party in a particular way, as well as their bags. Mew must be one of the Pokémon in the party, while another member has to be a Pidgey with a specific amount of HP. After that, there’s a whole list of items that players must have on hand in particular numbers before using the 8F item.

Once they do that, though, that’s it. Mew will be able to move between the Game Boy games and Sun and Moon, thanks to a newly compatible ID number. The whole ordeal may not be worth it to those who grabbed Mew early last year, when the Pokémon was part of a yearlong legendary giveaway. For those who have only ever had a Mew in their Pokédex because of this Mew glitch, however, this seems to be the main way to bring the Pokémon into the latest generation.

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