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New video argues problem with DC’s Cinematic Universe is the actual characters

Sorry, Bats.

A new video essay alleges the problem with DC’s Cinematic Universe is the lack of development and growth for its characters.

Filmmaker and YouTuber Patrick Willems posted the 12-minute video breakdown of DC and Warner Bros.’ biggest problems, focusing on the fact that the characters simply weren’t inviting enough. Willems says Warner Bros. and its various directors need to do a better job of developing the characters they’re given. While Batman and Superman are big enough to bring in people on their own, it’s lazy to just rely on the superheroes to carry all the weight.

Willems also looks at the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In his comparison of the studios, Willems argues one of the main reasons people return to Marvel movies time and time again is because of the effort the studio put in to developing three-dimensional characters people care about. As an anecdote, Willems compares seeing Suicide Squad to Thor: The Dark World. Both times, he was in sold out theaters, but when the Flash and Batman appear for brief cameos, the audience barely reacted. Alternatively, when Captain America shows up “for about 10 seconds” in Thor: The Dark World, “the audience erupted in cheers.”

It’s an interesting look at why fans care about characters like Iron Man and Captain America over Batman and Superman, especially when the latter two may even be considered more beloved than the former.

The next DC movie, Wonder Woman, is only months away from debuting and there’s a lot resting on its shoulders. Not only is it the first female-led superhero movie of the modern era, but according to Willems, it has to prove Warner Bros. and DC know how to approach character development.

Wonder Woman will be released on June 2, 2017.

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