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Nintendo Switch game cases are in the wild, and they look a lot like PSP ones

They’re so sleek!

Gaijinhunter on Twitter

Photos of several Nintendo Switch game cases have made it onto Twitter, giving us our first real look at the games we can expect to start collecting this March. Although we already know what some Switch games’ cases look like, seeing them in someone’s hands is a whole different experience — especially when it’s next to a PlayStation Portable case for a size comparison.

Twitter user Gaijinhunter visited a Japanese game store this week, where tons of Nintendo Switch game cases were already on the shelves. The photos show games like I Am Setsuna, Super Bomberman R and Dragon Quest Heroes 1 & 2 from the inside and out, but what’s most striking is a photo of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild right next to a PSP game.

The Switch’s case is downright svelte compared to the PSP’s plastic box. Other than that, however, they’re remarkably similar. They’re both thin cases with clear plastic shells; just think of the Switch case as the PSP’s cuter, tinier cousin. (Also, Breath of the Wild’s cover art looks museum-worthy compared to that of the PSP game it’s next to.)

It’s a useful visual aid for those already clearing some space on their game shelves for their Switch collections. The rest of the images Gaijinhunter posted just show the interiors and exteriors of several Switch launch titles, but even those are fun to peruse. Check them all out below.

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