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Watch a Pokémon producer name as many Pokémon as he can in 20 seconds

Uh ... uh ... Mew!

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

This is kinda charming. Junichi Masuda, whose tenure with Pokémon goes back to Red and Green, was ambushed and challenged to name as many Pokémon as he could in 20 seconds. How’d he do?

Well, uh, he got 30. That’s good! A pps (Pokémon per second) of greater than 1 is a superior performance, although he got caught up at the end for a couple of seconds before settling on Mew. How many could you do? (Note: Typing them in the comments does not count.)

Considering there are 802 Pokémon in existence, there’s no way he could do them all, of course. The world’s fastest talker, as certified by Guinness World Records, is Sean Shannon, who spoke at a pace of 655 words per minute on Aug. 30, 1995.

Theoretically, Shannon (assuming a perfect and instant recall of the Pokédex) would be able to name 218 in 20 seconds before getting caught up mid-syllable on Magcargo. Bruh! Masuda’s got some work to do before he even gets close to a perfect performance.

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