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The Last Guardian’s tower comes into full view with fan-made map

Don’t be afraid to look down

The Last Guardian screenshot GenDesign/Sony Interactive Entertainment

The Last Guardian takes place in one very large, very mysterious set of ruins, filled with bodies of waters and tall towers and adorable cat-bird-dog creatures. It’s hard to get a good sense of the full scale of that setting, however — but one Redditor’s recreation of it helps to give players a better idea of just what The Last Guardian’s world looks like.

(Be warned: There are spoilers for The Last Guardian below.)

At the end of The Last Guardian, the nameless boy whom players control throughout takes a look over the edge of one of the tallest towers in the land. It’s the first and only time that players get to see just how big the contained area that they were running back and forth in throughout the game is, but it’s not the clearest image.

Reddit user CandykillerArt took that moment and used Photoshop to brighten it up. The result is a nice look at The Last Guardian’s instantly memorable confines.

Imgur via Reddit

Even more helpful is the edit made by Redditor LYRAA3, who labeled the first image with moments that occur throughout the game. That should help players fully understand just where they were on this map during which key scenes.

Imgur via Reddit

The Last Guardian may have kept us waiting for nearly a decade, but the finished product just landed on our Game of the Year list for 2016. The PlayStation 4 exclusive sits in the tenth-place spot.

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