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Resident Evil 7 speedrunners can finish the game in 90 minutes

Okay, 94 minutes, to be precise

For sensitive or easily scared players, the horrifying Resident Evil 7 biohazard may be tough to stomach for even its first hour. Speedrunners are proving that they don’t need to play for much more than that to finish the game, however, with the latest record holder beating the whole campaign in just about 90 minutes.

Above, Twitch streamer uhTrance races through the New Game Plus mode in what he calls record time: one hour, 34 minutes. The Any% run — that is, a speedrun where players just have to finish the game by any means necessary — lasts about as along as a horror film, and it doesn’t compromise the scares. Instead, it just compresses the 10-hour campaign into a much shorter timeframe, with the use of shortcuts and expert knowledge of Resident Evil 7.

That’s because uhTrance has set several records playing Resident Evil 7 already, just a week after the game launched. Yesterday’s 94-minute run is just about 40 seconds faster than his previous best, and he’s been steadily cutting down the amount of time it takes him to beat the game over the past week. Five days ago, he set his first record speedrunning the game in two hours, 22 minutes, so uhTrance has already shown a massive improvement since then.

The streamer has a special fondness for speedrunning horror games, as seen on his YouTube channel. Whether he’ll be able to best his latest Resident Evil 7 record remains to be seen, but we have no doubt uhTrance will keep trying.