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Fire Emblem Heroes: hands-on with Nintendo’s next mobile game

Nintendo tackles a more traditional take on free-to-play

Fire Emblem Heroes marks Nintendo’s second foray into mobile gaming as a developer, and it’s a radical departure from Super Mario Run. While the latter was free-to-start but required a $9.99 payment to unlock the full version, Fire Emblem Heroes is a much more traditional free-to-play title, with stamina meters, in-game currency and microtransactions.

We recently got our hands on Fire Emblem Heroes, and returned with a few answers, a ton of new information and a boatload of screenshots. Above, check out 20 minutes of hands-on gameplay impressions from Fire Emblem Heroes, including a first look at free-to-play pricing, summoning new heroes, leveling your heroes and more.

Fire Emblem Heroes launches on iOS and Android devices on Feb 2.

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