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Pokémon Sun and Moon’s third global mission sounds just as tough as the the last two

Third time’s the charm, maybe

Pokémon Sun and Moon Festival Plaza Nintendo/Game Freak

Pokémon Sun and Moon’s third global mission is live, encouraging all trainers to head to the Global Trade Station by Feb. 14. The goal this time around is for players to trade a total of one million Pokémon between them, yet another lofty aim in the challenging global mission series.

In order to win the grand prize of 2,000 Festival Coins, players need to access the online Game Sync feature and trade as many Pokémon as they can by Feb. 14. Anyone who participates will receive 200 Festival Coins, but if everyone hits the reach goal of two million trades by the event’s end, they’ll also win a Friend Ball.

The pressure is on for this go-around. The previous two global missions were pretty much disasters, with a small percentage of players hitting their marks before the events’ end dates. The first event tasked players to catch 100 million Pokémon between them, which they failed to do; the second involved catching one million Pokémon, which also ended in failure.

It’s unclear how long The Pokémon Company will keep trying with these global missions, but it may be wise for Pokémon players who are looking for something to do after finishing Sun and Moon’s main campaign to take part in this latest online event.

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