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Terry Crews is asking Overwatch fans to get him in the game

Is anyone else a better fit for Doomfist? Didn’t think so

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Terry Crews on Facebook

Terry Crews and Overwatch players have one really big thing in common: They both want the wrestler-turned-actor to make a starring turn in Blizzard Entertainment’s popular multiplayer hero shooter. Months after fans first expressed interest in getting Crews to voice Doomfist, a character many fans hope to see become playable in-game, he’s now using social media to unofficially campaign for the role.

Crews posted a speculative article about his connection to Overwatch on his Facebook and Twitter accounts today. Attached to the link was a message: “Who wants to hear me do the voice of Doomfist for real??”

The answer is “almost everybody.” The posts have generated thousands of likes and positive replies. The top-voted string of Reddit comments about Crews’ plea looks like this:


Other comments of approval include “[Terry Crews] voicing Doomfist would be second only to Blizzard putting him in the game as himself.” The beloved actor is just as well-loved by comedy and action fans as Overwatch players, it turns out.

These Overwatch and Crews fans were the ones who first suggested that he would make a perfect fit for the generational hero, who’s been hinted at throughout Overwatch’s lore but has yet to physically appear in the game.

In November, Crews replied to a Reddit thread about the potential of him voicing Doomfist to say he’d “LOVE TO PLAY DOOMFIST.” His visit to the Blizzard Entertainment studios in December led fans to wonder if Crews actually would be playing an Overwatch character, and sooner than they may have thought.

While most would love to hear the actor in the game, others are wondering whether or not Crews is trying to falsely generate excitement for a character that Blizzard has never said will join the roster of playable heroes.

“I doubt he would ask this if he isn't already the voice actor,” said one Reddit user. “He's just doing it for hype probably.”

“What does this mean?” asked another. “Blizz hasn't accepted his offer, or he's just trying to generate hype?”

The three generations of Doomfist, as seen in the Numbani map.
Blizzard Entertainment

Others still are asking simply, “Who is Doomfist?” Perhaps unknown to those who aren’t versed in Overwatch history, Doomfist is a name passed between those who wield a mighty gauntlet. There have been three previous “Doomfist” heroes in the world of Overwatch, whom were defeated by playable heroes like Winston and Tracer. The Numbani map contains an exhibit about the hero and his weapon, while it’s said that there’s still someone bearing the Doomfist title out there, lying in wait.

We’ve seen some hints about Doomfist outside of the game, too. Most recently, fans noticed the gauntlet in Sombra’s reveal trailer. Coupled with comments from former Blizzard exec Chris Metzen, who told PC Gamer in 2015 that the heavily theorized character may one day become playable, many are convinced that Doomfist is coming to the game sometime in the future.

We know that there are playable characters in the early prototyping phase right now, although Blizzard said that it always has more content in the works than it knows what to do with. Players uninterested in speculation can turn their attention toward the new Oasis map in the meantime.

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