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Razer brings Chroma lighting to your room

Project Ariana

Razer today unveiled a high-definition video projector that uses Chroma software to “extend the gaming experience into an entire room” by projecting lighting and other elements from a game into your game room.

The concept device uses an ultra-wide fisheye lens and advanced processing capabilities to communicate with games in real time to create both lighting and video effects. A pair of 3D depth sensing cameras are used with proprietary calibration software, which automatically calibrates itself to detect environmental factors such as furniture and room lighting, to provide the perfect display for any room.

“Project Ariana is a concept design that showcases the power and potential of the Razer Chroma platform in the pre-VR world in bridging the gap between gamers and games,” Razer Co-Founder and CEO, Min-Liang Tan, said in a prepared statement. “Video projection, multi-color lighting and the responsive intelligence of our Razer Chroma engine are changing the way we game today. We and our publishing and technology partners are working toward new visual solution for an even more incredible and visually rich tomorrow.”

The concept is being shown off at Razer’s booth during CES this week. The project is meant to demonstrate some of the possibilities of its Chroma lighting technology, which the company announced today it will be opening up to third-party partners.

Currently, Chroma is used in Razer’s headphones, mice, keyboards and even a limited release mug and coaster.

The company also announced several hardware partners are planning to use the tech in their own products. That list of partners includes Lenovo, NZXT, Antec, Lian Li, Wicked Lasers and Nanoleaf. Entry into the Razer Chroma ecosystem and the 16.8 million-color palette of the platform is given through the Razer Chroma Module, a single hardware and software API available to partners.