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This may be Pokémon Sun and Moon’s weirdest fan theory

Did we say weirdest? We meant best

The Pokémon Company

Pokémon Sun and Moon introduce nearly 100 new Pokémon to the franchise. Players have voiced their strong opinions about many of them, from Popplio to Salandit. Their take on the unassuming normal-type Pokémon Komala may be our favorite of them all, however.

Komala is an adorable koala-looking thing with attachment issues. The Pokédex says that it can’t help but cling to its trainer — but even more obvious is the Pokémon’s attachment to its log. Komala is the Pokémon equivalent of Twin PeaksLog Lady, and in more ways than just that one.

Turns out that Komala’s log is the subject of a pretty bizarro theory. What if that big-headed koala bear wasn’t the Pokémon we call Komala? Instead, some fans are convinced that the piece of wood is the real Pokémon.

There’s several reasons for this. One: Komala can’t be affected by status changes. Its unique ability, Comatose, allows it to attack as if it were asleep, and it can’t be affected by burns, freezing or other inflictions as a result. Sounds pretty log-like, if you ask us.

There’s also the matter of its shiny variation. The uncommon shiny Komala’s log changes from brown to pink, while the bear attached to it remains the same. Seems curious, right?

Other Pokémon have minor palette swaps when it comes to their shiny forms, too. But here’s the big one: When walking animations for each Pokémon appeared online last month, Komala’s caused a stir. The bear’s body stays perfectly still when in motion; it’s just the log that seems to move and walk around.

That’s pretty much enough to sell some conspiracy-minded Pokémon fans on Komala as a sentient log. They make for one heck of a strange, believable case, especially when we look at all of the evidence before us.

Of course, if Komala is just a fighting hunk of bark, that wouldn’t be the weirdest thing we’ve seen in the Pokémon games. Here’s looking at you, Garbador.

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