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Square Enix Europe’s Twitter got hacked, and it’s a doozy (update)

“if U don't watch ANIME then what are U doing with Ur LIFE??”

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Square Enix Europe’s Twitter account was hacked earlier this morning, and it appears that the company has yet to regain control of its profile. The unnamed hackers have instead treated the account’s 151,000 followers to a series of bizarre, mocking tweets poking fun at the company.

The first tweet went up at 6 a.m. ET, making it plain that Square Enix Europe’s account had been overtaken.

Several tweets followed that called out other companies, like Electronic Arts and Tech Crunch, as well as certain individual users and series like FIFA.

Few, if any, of the hacked tweets are specifically Square Enix-related, barring one mocking the company:

This one may resonate with fans of series like Final Fantasy as well:

It’s possible that the hacking collective is called Cyber Wolf Gang, based on a hashtag that the group behind the attack has implored users to tweet out in its most recent message. The same group also briefly took control of the Twitter account for Just Cause, an action series published by Square Enix.

The Just Cause tweets were quickly deleted, and that account appears to be back under official control. Square Enix Europe also briefly regained control of its main account, deleting several of the unauthorized messages, but the hackers pushed them back out and took over again shortly thereafter.

Several hours have passed since Cyber Wolf Gang’s last tweet went out, but the hacked messages remained up on Square Enix Europe’s account. We’ve reached out to the company for more on its plan of action.

Let this be a reminder to us all: Locking down your accounts is important, so make sure you have two-factor authentication enabled at the bare minimum.

Update: Square Enix Europe appears to have fully regained control of its Twitter, according to its latest tweet. All of the previous hacked tweets have been deleted.