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Native Xbox controller support comes to Steam

So many controller options, so little time

Xbox One console, controller & accessories Polygon

A client update for Steam is now in beta, adding native support for Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers, alongside other, generic gamepads. Players will be able to map features to these using the Steam Controller Configurator, giving them more input on how they play their PC games.

Although many games previously offered Xbox controller support, that functioned on a game-by-game basis. The expanded options open up the platform to a bevy of gamepads without any extra work, and they allow players to customize the controls to their liking.

Generic X-input gamepads are easy to come by, and with the addition of Xbox controllers, Steam will now support the gamepads of both major consoles. Official PlayStation 4 controller support came late last year, and the beta now also allows players to use third-party PS4 controllers from manufacturers like Hori and MadCatz.

Those who prefer to play games like Civilization 6the biggest seller on Steam last year — with a controller can now do so on Steam, remapping keyboard and mouse controls to their liking. Not every game will support a gamepad, but a vast majority of them do, and it removes what could be a barrier for those who are more used to playing games on consoles.

With how beloved the Xbox controller is, it’s a big update for console and PC gamers alike. Steam users will have to opt into the beta to check out the feature, and Valve hasn’t announced a full release for it yet.

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