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Mark Hamill reads a Trump tweet as the Joker, and it’s perfect

It’s all fun and games until The Joker gets audited by the IRS

Warner Bros. Animation/Warner Bros. TV
Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

On Twitter, Donald Trump's megalomaniacal cadence and vocabulary make him a perfect match for a cartoon supervillain. Mark Hamill thinks so, too, and brightens our day with this tweet, done in the style of his iconic Joker.

The tweet he’s referencing is this one. Now, Hamill reading soybean futures in The Wall Street Journal as The Joker, a role he's made famous in cartoons and video games over the past 25 years, would be awesome. But the Joker's self-satisfied chortling and lingering fascination with his own voice imbue that Trump tweet with more meaning than hearing it in Trump's voice would.

In an interview with Polygon back in November, Hamill made it clear that he's no fan of Trump. Still, "I feel like I have to bite my tongue somewhat, because as disgusted and repulsed as you are right now, half the country is thrilled and inspired."

Apparently that tongue-biting could only go on so long. Hamill’s tweet indicates this is “quote #1,” suggesting more are on the way. Unless the Russians hack his Twitter first.

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