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Cyborg, Flash costumes detailed in new Justice League photo

Still no sign of Superman

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Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. has released a new promotional image of the Justice League crew, and it’s provided fans with one of the best looks at the Flash and Cyborg’s costumes yet.

The image debuted as part of USA Today’s films of 2017 preview, and director Zack Snyder provided some context for the photo touching upon Wonder Woman and the hero’s role in Justice League.

“And in Justice League she’s fully evolved into someone who’s embraced mankind, partly through Superman’s sacrifice,” Snyder told USA Today. “She’s like, ‘All right, I’ve got to pick it up.’”

The image also includes Justice League team members Batman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman. There’s no sign of Superman, although Henry Cavill is scheduled to star in the film. It’s unclear at this time if Superman will appear through flashbacks and memories, or if he’ll have an active participating role in the Justice League’s fight against evil. In August, Cavill posted a photo on Instagram that seemed to confirm he would be donning a black Superman costume in Justice League. As DC fans know, this seems to imply that Justice League will take some of its cues from “The Death and Return of Superman” series that ran between 1992 and 1993.

Justice League will be one of the last blockbusters released in 2017. The film hits theaters on Nov. 17, 2017.

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