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Final Fantasy 15 players are discovering out-of-bounds, unused areas

There’s much more to Niflheim than meets the eye

Final Fantasy 15 contains several locations that are only accessible by way of glitches, as several players are discovering. YouTubers have uploaded videos showing extensions of areas in the later part of the game, suggesting the existence of unused locales — which many are hopeful will eventually become fully playable.

Fotm Hero posted an hourlong journey through “ALL of Niflheim,” including seven areas only seen or discussed in-game. Thanks to glitching, Fotm Hero was able to further explore places like Cartanica and Tenebrae on foot. All of the places in the video come from the second half of the game, which cuts down on the open-world exploration in favor of a more linear path.

“Note that only the desert area around Cartanica is fully loaded, to access to the other zones I had to ‘avoid’ a loading screen, that's why some areas aren't loaded, like Tenebrae for example,” Fotm Hero added in a Reddit post about the video.

Still, the locations the user explores in the video look quite detailed. Some, like the savannah-like area five kilometers outside of the Cartanica train station, are particularly striking. The diversity and detail point toward their possible inclusion in upcoming expansions to the game, like online multiplayer downloadable content and episodic side-stories featuring Prince Noctis’ friends.

Fotm Hero also posted comparison shots of Cartanica from before and after the most recent patch, which updated Final Fantasy 15 to version 1.03. Since the update, the area that leads into the out of bounds portion has roads. This has players hoping it will soon be traversable.

Cartanica following the version 1.03 update has roads, according to Reddit users. But to where do they lead?
Imgur via Reddit

Other areas players are checking out with help from glitches include all of Insomnia, another late-stage location. This particular glitch, as seen below, enabled Prince Noctis to fly around the city and see it all from above during a boss fight.

To help others start exploring these underutilized locations themselves, YouTuber and Final Fantasy fan Caelum Rabanastre XII/XV posted a tutorial on how to out of bound glitch works. Check that out below to figure out how to see these areas in-game.

Square Enix hasn’t revealed a release date for much of the story-based downloadable content, which will be available to season pass holders; certain expanded content will be sold separately. Expect that to come sometime in the next few months, along with a free update that fixes up Final Fantasy 15’s much maligned thirteenth chapter. Most recently, Square Enix added a New Game Plus mode as an early holiday gift to fans.

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