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CES demo shows new set-top box that also plays games (correction)

Prototype makers target the kids’ room


Correction: Jan. 11, 2017: This story, which was aggregated off multiple other posts originating from CES, originally said the unit’s maker, Snakebyte, had a license with Disney to make it on their behalf. Per a Snakebyte representative, Snakebyte has no such deal in place. The unit shown at CES is a prototype “for exploratory discussions about acquiring a license from Disney” in some territories in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region.

This story and its headlines have been revised throughout.

Snakebyte, an accessory maker that just unveiled a line of Nintendo Switch peripherals at CES, it pitching a set-top box aimed at children, which will offer 4K streaming capabilities and pre-loaded content such as video games.

It’s meant to be a set-top box for kids rooms, which often get hand-me-down units that need a lot of parental guidance, especially for younger children.

A proposed cost of $99 was given for the unit and though originally other reports said it would launch later this year, without licensing it’s unclear if that is any longer the case.

There are plans for a twin analog controller at $39, though it is described as optional because users will be able to connect other Bluetooth controllers to the box. IGN also reports that the box will be able to download anything from the Google Play store.

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