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New Overwatch voice lines have fans convinced that these heroes are now a couple

Love is in the air on the Public Test Realm

Blizzard Entertainment

Reddit users have datamined new voice lines from a recent update to Overwatch’s public test realm, where developer Blizzard Entertainment releases patches for PC players to try out before they make it into the full game. Among characters making their New Year’s resolutions and Reinhardt losing his cool on the blazing Oasis map is one heartfelt conversation that many fans are hearing as confirmation of one of their most controversial pairings.

In a thread on the Overwatch subreddit, user akhanubis posted three voice lines between cyborg ninja Genji, his brother Hanzo and the Swiss healer Mercy. In the first, Genji asks Hanzo if he has any chocolates.

After being rebuffed, it turns out that Mercy has some that she got especially for Genji. (“Swiss — they’re the best!” she says.) Note also that Genji calls Mercy by her actual name, Angela.

Genji then returns to Mercy with some chocolates of his own that he brought for her — although they’re not Swiss, he warns, which Mercy finds slightly disappointing.

That wraps up the short and sweet arc between the two, which finds them more openly affectionate toward each other in the game than ever before.

This is huge for some Overwatch players who want to see Genji and Mercy get together. The pairing has a fan-created couple name, Gency, and a backstory that supports any possible romance. Mercy nursed Genji back to health as he grew accustomed to his new cyborg body, and the pair have remained close ever since.

Most recently, a holiday comic released in December showed Genji and Mercy possibly sending each other letters, which many pointed to as proof that Genji and Mercy were going to get together. That’s to the disappointment of some people, who’d much rather see Mercy date Pharah, the daughter of Ana — or, really, just anyone else.

These new voice lines, and maybe even a full-on relationship reveal, seem tailor-made for a Valentine’s Day-themed event, but director Jeff Kaplan previously confirmed that Overwatch won’t be getting one of those. Expect other holidays to be celebrated in-game instead — and maybe one of those will be romantic enough to bring Genji and Mercy closer together.

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