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Darkest Dungeon is coming to Nintendo Switch

Indie dungeon crawler stresses out on a new platform

Darkest Dungeon wallpaper 01 1920 Red Hook Studios

Darkest Dungeon, the innovative, indie dungeon crawler nominated for the Independent Games Festival grand prize in 2016, will get a version for the Nintendo Switch, Red Hook Studios has announced.

The developer cleverly concealed the announcement in this video of Darkest Dungeon running on a Switch in handheld mode.

A launch date was not supplied, but showing it running on a Switch suggests that may not be too far off.

In Darkest Dungeon, the user assembles an adventuring party to explore and clear out the grottoes beneath their estate. The twist on the genre is how it interprets and applies the stress of adventuring in dangerous and unknown places.

The members of the adventuring party have a stress level that, when maximized, can cause them to go haywire. Character afflictions incorporate everyday fears (of the dark, for example) and character faults, and the higher their stress goes, the more these are brought to bear on the game, too.

We scored Darkest Dungeon an 8 in our original review for Windows PC in February 2016. It later launched on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. By the end of the year, it was one of our favorite games of 2016.

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