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3D-printed Guardian Shield says it’s more durable than the one in Breath of the Wild

Not that you’d want to take a work of art into real combat

Guardian Shield+ by Adafruit Industries Adafruit Industries

Halloween is right around the corner, so that means if you want a Guardian Shield+ from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to complete your Link look, you best get crackin’.

Fortunately, here is Adafruit Industries with a step-by-step video (and instructions) for making it. It might also be good to be handy with stripping and soldering wires. Oh, and have a 3D printer and a good supply of ultraviolet fluorescent PLA material to build both.

Most folks either don’t have the tools to do this or the skill if they bought them. And that’s fine, this is still a cool video of a toy that doesn’t exist on your local Walmart aisle, but should. And I do like the wry claim that the shield is “sturdy and more durable than the one in the game.” Doubtful, but given how frequently even the best things break in Breath of the Wild, it’s a cute punchline.

Adafruit, back in May, did the same thing with the Guardian sword and then, in July, made a Guardian robot (not life-size, not cosplay, just a cool figurine) with fully articulable limbs. Check both out if you enjoy cool things brought to life from Breath of the Wild.

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