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The Last Jedi’s mysterious ice fox is our new favorite Star Wars character

I wanna pet ‘em

Ice wolf-looking creature in trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi Lucasfilm

The theatrical trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi dropped last night, and it’s every bit as beautiful and badass as I could have hoped. Tucked in between gorgeous shots of a tortured Kylo Ren and haggard Luke Skywalker, however, is a never-before-seen creature that we can only dub an ice fox.

Star Wars fans know nothing about this animal, which looks like a fox that’s recently awoken from a deep sleep buried in the snow. It only appears for about three frames during the trailer, doing nothing to move the narrative or really add much more than another tease at what’s to come in The Last Jedi.

But just because something or someone isn’t a major character — or even named! — doesn’t mean it can’t be our favorite part of the trailer. And thus I join a growing crowd of folks who are already committed to this adorable animal-like ... thing.

Speculation suggests that the crystal-covered fox, whom we see dashing toward a resistance base on the planet Crait, is associated with another mysterious site earlier in the trailer.

“It’s possible the foxes have some connection to the red crystal caves that the Falcon was flying through earlier,” we wrote in our The Last Jedi trailer breakdown.

That’s about all we can surmise from our brief look at these cuties. But a handful of seconds is all any of us really need for the ice fox to replace the porg as our new favorite Star Wars creature.

I also appreciate the Pokémon goofs, as a fan whose immediate reaction was, “The ice fox looks kind of like an Alolan Ninetales!”

I don’t know that I trust Lucasfilm or director Rian Johnson to give us newly allegiant ice fox lovers much more to feast our eyes on before Dec. 15, when The Last Jedi premieres. But I will savor my brief time with the unnamed creature until then.

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