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Rick and Morty fans are buying framed photos of Szechuan sauce packets on eBay

And a bunch of other Szechuan sauce-adjacent products

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Rick from Rick and Morty Adult Swim

After McDonald’s disastrous attempt to provide Rick and Morty fans with packets of Szechuan sauce, eBay sellers are coming up with creative ways to get in on the frenzy.

Multiple eBay sellers are offering framed photos of the McDonald’s Szechuan sauce packet. One seller in particular, kevigmh_thjqe, has sold almost 20 photos in their accompanying frames. The photos aren’t of high quality or particularly pleasing to the eye; they’re printed on normal paper with a HP DeskJet 2600. In them, the sauce container is sitting on a wooden table or floor.

Szechuan sauce on ebay
The eBay page where kevigmh_thjqe is selling photos of McDonald’s Szechuan sauce for $9.99.

The photos are going for $9.99 apiece, which adds up to $200 for the number of photos sold. Polygon reached out to eBay to confirm that the quantities represented on the page were accurate. An eBay representative said there was no evidence of tampering and that the number displayed on the page was authentic.

The framed photo of Szechuan sauce isn’t the only thing being auctioned off, though. Actual packets of Szechuan sauce are going for north of $1,000. And eBay’s search results are littered with T-shirts displaying the McDonald’s limited-edition sauce packet, an empty box that used to contain chicken tenders sold with the Szechuan sauce and fake Szechuan sauce packets.

McDonald’s announced last week that it was bringing the limited-edition sauce, originally released in 1998 as a tie-in for Disney’s Mulan, back for one day. Thousands of people showed up at specific McDonald’s locations, only to wait in line for hours and walk away empty-handed. Reports suggested that stores only received 20 packets each, and that’s if the sauce showed up at all.

After Rick and Morty fans were left disappointed, rallying and throwing temper tantrums in the store that led to police intervention in some cases, McDonald’s confirmed it would be bringing the sauce back for a wider release this October.

Rick and Morty co-creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland have distanced themselves from the debacle, reiterating that they knew nothing about the McDonald’s offer and weren’t consulted.

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