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Overwatch’s Halloween event marks the return of photobombing

Everybody’s favorite unofficial minigame

junkenstein’s revenge photobomb Tomy698/Twitter

One of the most popular parts of Overwatch’s annual Halloween Terror event is something players came up with all on their own: photobombing during Junkenstein’s Revenge, the seasonal event’s exclusive game mode.

During the introductions for every boss character in the Junkenstein’s Revenge brawl, other players can sneak in and time an emote right behind them to ruin the stylish entrance animation. That means you can go and ruin Symmetra, Reaper, Roadhog and Mercy’s diva moments by making Widowmaker or Hanzo or whoever show up in the background looking goofy as hell.

When people discovered this was possible last year during the event’s debut, successful photobombs were all over the Overwatch subreddit. And they have returned in full-force, just a day after the Halloween event’s return.

Here’s Soldier 76 ruining a big moment for Roadhog — a.k.a Junkenstein’s Monster:

Widowmaker won’t stop begging for attention during “The Witch” Mercy’s entrance:

McCree looks strangely celestial in this very good photobomb:

It takes some finesse to actually get the photobombing to work, so here’s a little guide to help you figure it out:

Halloween Terror runs until Nov. 1, so you better start jumping into as many photos as you can while you still have the chance.

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