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Valve unveils new version of Counter-Strike’s Dust 2 map

The popular map gets a touch up in CS:GO’s beta

Bombsite A in Counter-Strike: GO’s new Dust 2

One of Counter-Strike’s most popular classic maps, Dust 2, just got an overhaul in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Valve explained the changes to the map, which include a substantial visual upgrade, on the game’s website.

Valve said that with the new version of CS:GO’s Dust 2 “we wanted to honor its pure form while buffing away the jagged edges.” The update aims to improve player readability, “refine movement around the world” and modernize the map’s visuals.

“We set out to refine it further rather than performing a wholesale redesign,” the company said.

Some of the most obvious visual changes to Dust 2 come in the form of lighting. The map is lighter and brighter throughout, and Valve has removed a series of dark spots where players could camp. Valve has also adjust some of the map’s geometry, removing or relocating objects that could obscure line of sight or interrupt movement.

Here’s what Valve said about one change to bomb site A, where the broken-down cars in that area have been merged into one.

“Experienced players will now not have to worry about whether they’re going to get hung up and newbs won’t wonder if they’re going to get burned,” Valve explained. “Annoying physics based detritus props have also been replaced with more predictable static prop detail such as weeds and rocks.”

Dust 2’s update also comes with updates to player models. The Leet Krew terrorists have been overhauled to match the map’s visual upgrade. Valve has a bunch of screenshots highlighting the changes to Dust 2 and the new terrorist models at the Counter-Strike website.

CS:GO players can opt in to the game’s beta build to try out the new Dust 2 for themselves.

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