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Super Mario Odyssey store demo is now a speedrunning favorite

Players are racing through the 10-minute demo in half that time

Super Mario Odyssey
Super Mario Odyssey

Players are hanging out in stores nationwide to check out the new Super Mario Odyssey demo, a 10-minute trial that has enormous speedrun potential. A new category has already sprung up, just based on what’s available at these in-store stations.

A number of speedruns are available on YouTube, all shot with handheld cameras and captured in stores. A person who goes by Fengari ran through the demo’s world, the sandy plains of Tostarena, in just over seven minutes, others have tried to best him with their own attempts.

It’s gotten to the point where viewers are offering tips to optimize Odyssey speedrun times. Some of those are other speedrunners, while others have just fallen in love with this highly specific category.

It looks like the fastest time thus far is Jacob Babione’s. He’s managed to finish Tostarena in five minutes, 28 seconds as of Oct. 12. (Next stop: breaking the five-minute mark?)

It’s especially impressive considering that on Oct. 10, his six-minute, 39-second attempt gained him some widespread attention and praise.

We’re pumped to see Super Mario Odyssey continue to develop into a popular title for speedrunners once the full game is available on Oct. 27. Check out an hour of gameplay from a demo Polygon got to try recently.

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