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Nier creator: I’d make an adult movie

He’d make a Drakengard sequel, too, if he can get the money for it.

Nier Automata PlatinumGames/Square Enix

Nier’s creator says he’s down for a remake. Also porn.

You read that correctly. Yoko Taro grabbed headlines last week with his remarks at the SEA Summit in Singapore. They more or less boil down to, “If someone has money for this idea, heck yeah I want to do it.”

That includes a movie adaptation, a true sequel to Drakengard, a remake of the first Nier and, uh, an adult film. “I think this may be off-putting, but I’d like to make an adult video,” he said, according to Famitsu. “I think of it as something I’d like to at least make once in my lifetime.”

I think most dudes probably would agree, just maybe not in their out-loud voices, though.

Taro’s provocative remarks may have gotten a few laughs and smiles, but he was answering questions forthrightly. He had a particularly revealing reply for a question about doing market research for the Nier games. He suggested that the first one, launched in 2010, was built for western tastes.

“I was told that ‘machos are well received’ in foreign countries,” he said. Yet, “Fans told me ‘I like macho, but that’s not what I look for in Square Enix games.’”

With Nier: Automata, which launched in March, Taro said the plan was simply, “let’s at least have it sell in Japan.” And it did. Elsewhere, too.

“In the end, it was a hit, and we have no idea how it sold so well,” he admitted. Some questions really don’t need answers.

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