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A new Sony label’s publishing a Nintendo Switch game

Sony Music Entertainment is publishing games of its own

unties logo Unties/Sony Music Entertainment

Sony is expanding its horizons with a new publishing label that is set to bring games not just to the company’s own consoles, but Nintendo Switch and PC too. Operated by Sony Music Entertainment, Unties will focus on smaller titles designed for multiple platforms.

The Unties label — which we assume is meant to reference “untying,” and not ... well, underwear — will publish its first game on Nov. 21. It’s Tiny Metal, an Advance Wars-style tactics game that will launch on PC, PlayStation 4 and Switch. The game was featured at this year’s PAX West Indie Megabooth and is set for release in Japan and abroad.

Other games in the works included Last Standard, Merkava Avalanche and Deemo Reborn, all of which are action titles. The first two are destined for PC and other platforms, while Deemo Reborn will have PlayStation VR support on PS4. There are no release dates for any of these games yet, although some early trailers preview what to expect.

It may be strange to see Sony’s name attached to a Nintendo game, but this isn’t the first time that a competitor has published a title for a rival platform. Microsoft Studios has its name attached to Minecraft for Nintendo Switch and Wii U, for example, and Sony helped publish Super Nintendo games under its Imagesoft label back before the PlayStation era.

Besides, nothing about this is stranger than the label’s name, all things considered.

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