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Nintendo Switch eShop got a very good, very small update

Nintendo continues to slowly right the system

Nintendo Switch eShop - recent releases Nintendo/YouTube

Nintendo Switch eShop updated this week to add a new section: Games on Sale. It’s a seemingly minor change that, when you think about it, says a lot about what Nintendo is doing with its hybrid console.

nintendo switch eshop sales section Imgur via Reddit

For one, the company is starting to slowly catch on to how to run the storefront in a way that best serves its customers. Of course the eShop should have a place where we can find what’s on sale; that’s a common, expected category. Although the area is sparse right now, with nearly 500 Switch games already available, we expect the section to eventually become a useful place to sift through for some good deals. Other updates post-launch include a top sellers chart, another simple but effective filter.

On the other hand, the operative word here is “slowly.” Nintendo really is taking its time befitting the Switch with all of the features we expected it to have, right out of the gate. Its online service still hasn’t launched in full, but we do at least have voice chat; the Virtual Console remains a big question mark; a Miiverse replacement seems unlikely as the months continue on.

But hey, at least the Nintendo Switch eShop has a sales section now. That’s definitely progress in the right direction, small it may be.

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