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The Evil Within 2 guide: Chapter 5 collectibles

Lying in Wait files

The Evil Within 2, like any open-world game, is full of things to discover, seek out, find and collect. Some of them are useful, like ammo pouches or locker key statues (those knee-high statues scattered around). These get you something immediately(ish) helpful in your journey through Union. The other things you can pick up are just purely collectible. They’re not useful except to satisfy your completionist urges.

In this guide, we’ll show you where to find the collectibles in The Evil Within 2’s fifth chapter, “Lying in Wait.”

Chapter 5 ‘Lying in Wait’ collectible locations

The Evil Within 2 Chapter 5 has six files to pick up. To make finding them easy, we’ve included an image of the collectible as you’ll see it in the game as well as a screenshot of the map (when there’s a map to show you).


Files add context to the story of The Evil Within 2. The stories the files tell don’t directly impact the main storyline, but they paint a more detailed picture.

Due to the … non-Euclidian nature of the Strange Domain version of City Hall you find yourself in, maps don’t exist once you get inside.

Photo of Sebastian Castellanos

The first file to pick up is impossible to miss. It’s attached to the head of the Mobius operative slumped against the front gate to City Hall.

Report #00977: Urgent Structural Issues

Once you get inside and speak to Harrison, go through the double doors behind him and turn right. Take the right at the end of the hall to get into the mail room. The file is on the desk right in front of you.

Krimson Post Article

You’ll pick up the next file right after your mannequin photo shoot on the second floor. Once you match the photograph you take to the one hanging on the wall, you’ll see a hallway behind where the backdrop used to be. While you’re in that hallway, appreciating the art, the newspaper article will be on one of the side tables — it’s the one farthest from where you enter the hallway.

Photo of Murdered Mobius Operative

Once you escape the hallway, you’ll go into a dead end room with a few more mannequins. Go into the attached room on the right. There’s a photo on the desk along the wall.

Handwritten Note

Not long after that, you’ll go down an impossible number of stairs. The room at the bottom will be filled with not-statues of Union residents. There’s only one door out and the note is on the table immediately to the left of that door.

Report #00213: Union Social Maintenance

You can pick up the last file during your exit from City Hall after you defeat the Obscura. Head away from the emitter and through the double doors. Cross the hallway and turn left at the mezzanine. The double doors on the left side of this room lead to an office. The final file is on the desk closest to the door.

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