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The Evil Within 2 guide: Chapter 17 collectibles

A Way Out and the last pure collectible

In The Evil Within 2 Chapter 17, “A Way Out,” you’ll find the game’s last pure collectible. In this guide, we’ll show you were to find this super strange (even for this game) item.

Mysterious Toy

When you switch back to Sebastian, don’t go upstairs. Instead, turn right and enter the living room. There, in the far right corner, you’ll find The Evil Within 2’s final collectible. And it’s more than a little weird.

The Evil Within 2 is full of things to discover, seek out, find and collect. Some of them are useful, like ammo pouches or locker key statues (those knee-high statues scattered around). These get you something immediately(ish) helpful in your journey through Union. The other things you can pick up are just purely collectible. They’re not useful except to satisfy your completionist urges.

If you’re looking for any of The Evil Within 2’s many, many collectibles, follow the link below to our full guide.

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