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Garfield’s Jim Davis is writing Marvel’s Galactus in Squirrel Girl

He hates Moon-days

Jim Davis draws Galactus in the style of Garfield for Squirrel Girl #26 Jim Davis/Marvel Comics via Entertainment Weekly

A major comics talent is making his Marvel Comics debut very soon.

Next month’s Squirrel Girl #26 will feature a series of Galactus and the Silver Surfer strips from Jim Davis, the creator of everybody’s favorite depressed cat, Garfield. The comic will be in the format of a zine, a stand-alone issue made of short comics from plenty of guest stars, in and out of Marvel Fiction.

“In this special standalone issue, Squirrel Girl has convinced, cajoled, and otherwise induced her friends in the Marvel Universe to make comics of their own! For the very first time, find out what kind of comics your favorite Marvel characters would really make!” says the issue’s official summary.

For his part, Jim Davis, creator of the long-running syndicated comic strip Garfield and its many merchandizing opportunities, has rendered Norrin Radd, the Silver Surfer, and Galactus, Devourer of Worlds, into his signature style.

This, Squirrel Girl #26 says, is the kind of comic Galactus would make, if he made comics, instead of, or in addition to, devouring planets.

Jim Davis’ Silver Surfer and Galactus in Squirrel Girl #26, Marvel Comics (2017) Jim Davis/Marvel Comics via Entertainment Weekly

“[Ryan North, writer on Squirrel Girl] explained Galactus seemed like a logical one for me, because of Garfield,” Davis told Entertainment Weekly, “having the appetite of the planets, and being one of the biggest and oldest of the Marvel characters. Garfield will be 40 next year, and is himself reaching iconic status.”

You can see more preview pages and strips from the upcoming issue, featuring Spider-Man, Kraven the Hunter and more, at Entertainment Weekly. Squirrel Girl #26 will hit shelves on Nov. 8.

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