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Pokémon Go’s new gen-three Pokémon to look out for

Ghosts, ghosts, I know you come from gen three

Sableye is one of several new Pokémon available starting this week.
The Pokémon Company

The third generation of Pokémon arrive in Pokémon Go starting tomorrow, Oct. 20. Niantic promises a “gradual” rollout of the Hoenn region’s indigenous Pokémon, beginning with a handful of ghost-type monsters that will launch in time for Halloween.

Here’s a rundown of the very first set of new, gen-three Pokémon coming to Pokémon Go.


sableye The Pokémon Company

Sableye is maybe the creepiest of the ghost-type third-gen Pokémon arriving for the game’s Halloween event. The tiny dude is just a foot tall, but it’s got a giant set of claws and fangs to make up for it. It also has gems for eyes, which is especially disconcerting.

All of that aside, though, Sableye still strikes us as kind of adorable. It’s just so little, y’know?


shuppet The Pokémon Company

Shuppet is the “puppet Pokémon,” obviously. It looks like a piece of gray cloth that someone thrusted their fist into ... except then the cloth came alive and swallowed up the hand. We wanna say Shuppet is cute because puppets are cute, but actually, maybe this little dude is the true villain in this ghastly lineup.


bannette The Pokémon Company

Shuppet evolves into Bannette, so you’ll want to collect a ton of Shuppet for the candy you’ll need to get a Bannette. Where Shuppet is a puppet, Bannette is a marionette. At least, that’s according to the Pokédex — we don’t totally see that, but sure, OK. Bannette is deceptively doll-like, at any rate, and it’s said to be fueled by hate. In essence, it’s every teenager you’ve ever known.


Duskull The Pokémon Company

Duskull is like the sweet old man of the group. It’s styled after the Grim Reaper, so we understand we’re meant to be afraid of it ... but there’s something about that face that just warms us to it. Even if it does have a thing for the tears of children. (But don’t we all?)


dusclops The Pokémon Company

Dusclops is the evolution of Duskull, so make sure to harvest those candies. Dusclops is, obviously, a cyclops ... and other than its shared prefix and evolutionary line, we fail to see how the two Pokémon are really related to each other. (It’s also good to know that Dusclops got an evolution of its own during the fourth-generation games, although Pokémon Go players won’t have to worry about that for awhile.)

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