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An aspiring YouTuber cosplayed as Pikachu and rushed the White House fence

This is the world we live in now folks

The Annual Stone Skimming Championships Are Held In Scotland Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

We could all use a ludicrous news story today, I think, and here’s a pretty good one: Earlier this week, the Secret Service took down Pikachu after the Pokémon attempted to jump the White House fence.

Obviously, this Pikachu was a dude in a costume and not the actual little yellow guy. 36-year-old Curtis Combs, a Kentucky native and the man behind the stunt, was taken into police custody after the incident. He’s since been charged with unlawful entry, according to DC Superior Court documents shared on Twitter. Combs pled not guilty, so he’ll be heading to court starting Nov. 9.

The real kicker here is the motivation behind the whole thing, as noted in the documents. After being apprehended, Combs told Secret Service agents that he had planned to film his jump for YouTube fame. Maybe that excuse would have gotten him onto the White House grounds on a day where Trump wasn’t also there at the same time.

I guess I can see where Combs got his whole “do it for the YouTube” thing from. It kind of-sort of worked for the last guy who took Pikachu with him while bum rushing the White House fence, back on Sept. 11, 2014 ... if 2,700 views on a news clip counts as fame, that is.

There’s no footage of Combs’ attempt, because he didn’t get very far with his filming. But I imagine the whole stunt looked something like this:

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