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Mario can wear Peach’s wedding dress in Super Mario Odyssey

Peach isn’t the only Wedding Peach around here

A screenshot of Mario running toward a billboard featuring Bowser and Peach in wedding attire Nintendo

Some folks already have their hands on Super Mario Odyssey and its new, wedding-themed amiibo — which means we’re getting our first taste of what to expect from the game’s figure functionality. And, just as we hoped, that Peach amiibo in the nice wedding dress? Yeah, it gives Mario the exact outfit you’d expect it to.

The back of the Wedding Peach amiibo box has a small screenshot of the costume the figure unlocks in-game. We see it briefly in an unboxing video from YouTube channel FamilyGamerTV, embedded below. (It comes up around the six-minute, 30-second mark.)

There’s Mario, veil and all. He’s even got Peach’s iconic blue earrings, which is proof of his commitment to the cosplay.

We’re not saying this is the best look for Mario, but we’re also not saying it’s not. Super Mario Odyssey is meant to be the kind of game that encourages players to be the Mario they’ve always wanted to be, so if your heart yearns for Wedding Peach Mario, well, here you go. (Not that you’ll need the appropriate amiibo to unlock the outfit, by the way. Everything can be unlocked in-game.)

We haven’t seen Mario in a dress before, although we’ve seen Luigi borrow Peach’s outfit before. And in 2015, Link drew inspiration from his own royal counterpart, Princess Zelda, with an unlockable Zelda costume in The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes.

Super Mario Odyssey and its accompanying amiibo launch Oct. 27.

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