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Speedrunners take two years to assemble unbeatable Mirror’s Edge record

Eleven runners team up for near perfect run

The fastest ever speedrun of Mirror’s Edge was two years in the making, and the 11 runners who made it aren’t sure it could go any faster.

This is a segmented speedrun, which means the 11 players who completed it worked on their portions of the game individually to achieve this optimal run. Strung together, it totals 22:40 of in-game time, 25:22.267 in real time.

For comparison, the world record any-percent mark for an individual in Mirror’s Edge is 28:20 without loads, 31 minutes with, set two months ago on PC. So the teamwork here lops about six minutes (or about 20 percent) off what one person acting alone can do.

The team that put it together say no mods, hacks or external aids were used in setting this run. While they’ve been working on this feat for two years, they credit “9 years worth of strat[egy evolution]” and more than 200 other gamers in the community.

If you’re not a Mirror’s Edge fan, first-person video game parkour done at a breakneck pace for 20 solid minutes might leave you feeling like your eyeballs need a long rest. “This is as close as we ever (and potentially, will ever) come to presenting a run which truly bleeds the game dry,” say the team.

The runners are: BlackbeltGingaNinja, Stoggervlazar, MrWalrus, Zooketra, Phillotrax, Glost999, BluMage, Voetiem, Hekigan, Vulvex and Req.

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