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Steven Universe: Save the Light introduces a totally new character

Hessonite makes her series debut in the upcoming RPG

hessonite in steven universe: save the light Grumpyface Studios/Cartoon Network

Steven Universe: Save the Light is already a must for fans of the Cartoon Network series, as its first console role-playing game. Aside from myriad references to the cartoon and its Paper Mario-style gameplay, Save the Light will also be the first place where fans can meet the newest Steven Universe character: Hessonite.

Hessonite, whom show creator Rebecca Sugar helped to design in conjunction with the Save the Light development team at Grumpyface Studios, is what a press release calls “a pompous Homeworld commander.” The Gem is in charge of Squaridot, another recently revealed character in the show’s universe. Hessonite lands on Earth to create more trouble for Steven, as per usual. How this plays out will be a major part of Save the Light’s storyline.

That’s about all we know when it comes to Hessonite for now, but we are really digging her design. Check out some screenshots of the character below.

Steven Universe: Save the Light launches on PlayStation 4 Oct. 31, followed by Xbox One on Nov. 3. For more on the surprisingly charming RPG, read our preview from this past summer.

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