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Life is Strange: Before the Storm brings back the series’ best goof

Frank;s still thinking about thos beans

frank from life is strange with a knife
Never come between a man and his beans.
Dontnod Entertainment/Square Enix

Life is Strange: Before the Storm’s second episode premiered last week, and it’s a touching slow burn of teen angst and romance. As sweet and sad as the series can be, though, it’s important to remember that it has a sense of humor, too. And “Brave New World” has a throwback to what is probably my favorite joke from the original Life is Strange.

(If you’re very spoiler-sensitive, here’s a spoiler warning for “Brave New World.”)

Midway through episode two of Before the Storm, Chloe Price ends up in her drug dealer’s gigantic RV. This house on wheels belongs to Frank, a major recurring character across the whole series. Frank’s role in Before the Storm thus far hasn’t extended much beyond “dude who sells drugs and gets teens in trouble” — but checking out his van immediately reminded me of how much more of a presence Frank will become once the original Life is Strange’s story picks up.

Chloe can snoop around Frank’s RV as she looks for a notebook he asked her to bring to him. In the kitchen cabinets are ... beans. So. Many. Beans.

beans from before the storm episode 2
You’re darn right, Chloe.
Deck Nine/Square Enix

I’ve never spent much time on the road, but I imagine canned beans are peak food for the vagrant lifestyle. As the original Life is Strange’s third episode taught us, Frank’s things for beans extends far beyond simplicity and survival. Dude is a bean obsessive.

A pivotal scene has Max Caulfield, Chloe’s best friend and Life is Strange’s protagonist, tipping over Frank’s bowl of beans at a diner to create a distraction.

He gets very, very upset.

I have to believe that this line was written for the express purpose of giving players a new favorite catchphrase, especially since it’s referenced again later on.

And this small part of Before the Storm is a perfect reminder of the entire episodic series’ unique — and a little bit bizarre — charms.

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