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GameCube controller support comes to Nintendo Switch

Still need an adapter, but they work

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Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Break out those WaveBirds. GameCube controller support has come to Nintendo Switch.

In the console’s latest system update, support for the old controllers was added with no announcement. It still needs the Wii U controller adapter — no longer made by Nintendo but still found new or used at most retailers.

Once that is plugged into the Switch’s dock, the controller is paired in the settings menu by pressing their L and R buttons. GameXplain has the lowdown on doing so in this video.

Users of the old GameCube controllers know that they don’t match up exactly to the configuration of the Nintendo Switch. There’s no home button, for example, so it’ll require some swapping to get back to the main menu from within a game. But for those who developed skill and muscle memory on the OG controllers, particularly for fighting games, it’s a decent option to have.

Update 4.0 rolled out last week, adding video capture for certain games and the ability to transfer user profiles and save data to a new console. More details are here.

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