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Breath of the Wild players are now obsessed with blowing up NPCs

It sounds terrible, but it’s actually great

yiga soldier in legend of zelda: breath of the wild Nintendo

Now that Nintendo Switch has native video capture capabilities, players are returning to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to put them to use. They’ve even created a new genre of Breath of the Wild goofing: attacking the unassuming members of the Yiga Clan to really tick them off.

To be fair, the Yiga Clan is a group that lives to antagonize our Hylian hero. The whole point of having them in the game is to give them a taste of justice. But that doesn’t mean all of them are so terrible, or deserve the kinds of extreme pain that Link is dealing to them.

We have to admit that watching them explode right after they turn into their menacing true forms is pretty hilarious, though. Look at the number of likes on this Japanese tweet, which seems to have kicked off the Yiga-killing trend:

Link is so casual about making his enemy explode, which is kind of ... surprising. But it’s also a testament to just how much there is to do in this game.

This clip starts in the middle of things, with Link committing arson as a Yiga member cowers in fear. But then the enemy is suddenly emboldened ... until he goes up in flames.

God, all of these Yiga Clan kids look so afraid at first; it’s kind of depressing, actually. But then Link goes and blows them up and everything’s all smiles and laughs again.

This newer clip is great, too; I actually laughed out loud at the shocking kicker at the end there.

Consider this yet another reason to return to Breath of the Wild.

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