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Runaways trailer shows off the kids’ powers — and a dinosaur

You could say it’s ‘laced’ with references to the comics

The latest footage from Marvel’s Runaways, Hulu’s first original Marvel Cinematic Universe project expands on the story of Marvel’s team of teens with supervillain parents.

After accidentally witnessing their parents sacrificing a young girl in some kind of cult ceremony, six teenagers run away from home. In the process, they discover that their parents are supervillains, and each of them has weird powers, talents, and super science weapons.

This new trailer leans hard on those special abilities, whether they’re magic staves, power gauntlets, super strength or — yes. That is dinosaur.

Runaways was created by writer Brian K. Vaughan (Y the Last Man, Saga) and Adrian Alphona in 2003, and was recently relaunched at Marvel Comics under YA author Rainbow Rowell and artist Kris Anka. The comic book cult hit has long enjoyed popularity with teen readers for its diverse cast, relatable characters and tangential relationship to the rest of the Marvel Universe.

The first three episodes of Runaways will premiere on Hulu on Nov. 21.

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